Why LED? Why ?


Energy Saving
A 2 ft Stingray model has PAR exceeding a conventional 250 watt MH lighting, but uses less than 60% of its power. This represents a significant saving to your energy cost.

LED also reduces heat reflected to the aquarium, reducing the need of a high powered chiller.


Dimmable lighting makes it easier to acclimate corals / plants or to adjust intensity due to algae. For reef model, separate dimming channels allow fine control of color temperature.

Long Service Life

Our lighting fixtures are rated for 30,000 hours (around 6.5 years with 12 hrs lighting period). This reduces environmental waste due to replacement light bulb. It is also better for aquatic life as they won’t suffer intensity shock due to bulb changes.


Our external power supply converts power to low voltage to reduce the risk of electric shock. Our LED fixtures produce no harmful UV radiation.

Each of our LED panel is equipped with a temperature sensor and overheat protection.

Shimmer Effect

Enjoy the shimmer effect from the beach? LED produces the shimmer effect that is found in MH and uniform lighting that is found in T5.
Friendly to our Environment

T5 or compact fluorescent (CF) tubes contain mercury that is very harmful to our environment. Our LED emitter contains no mercury and is RoHS compliant.


Cost Saving

Although the initial investment for LED fixture is higher than MH or T5 fluorescent tube, the fixture quickly pays for itself with savings from bulb replacement and lower electricity cost. We estimated that payback can be achieved in as little as three years, making this a smart investment!

Cost of Ownership